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3D Animator, Engineering Geek, LGBTQ Activist, and Corporate Executive

Brief descriptionPresident & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC
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    • Gary Wright II

      This #VeteransDay is the first since the end of 20 year unwinnable war in Afghanistan: 2,401 military deaths (1,921 from hostile action)....More

      • Gary Wright II

        "8 Struggles of Being a Highly Intelligent Person" - OMG This 7 minute video explains so much! It will help you better understand...More

        • Gary Wright II

          Self-Care: Catastrophizing - It's the source of much of my anxiety. As an engineer, our minds are supposed to imagine every possible...More

          • Gary Wright II

            Geek Food - One of my favorite new features in Python v3.10 is structural pattern matching. Very powerful! 🤯 PEP636 is a good tutorial on...More


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