Gary Wright II

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LGBTQ Human Rights Activist and Corporate Executive

Brief DescriptionPresident & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC
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    • Gary Wright II
      The first #Caturday🐈 was probably celebrated by the Egyptians, but did you know that in the 1870's photographer Harry Pointer had already published over 100 cat memes???🐱 Here are some of his Victorian Era cat memes because "Every day is a Caturday!":
      • Gary Wright II
        Until the #COVID-19 global pandemic is over, we urge you to PLEASE stay at home! Only go out when necessary, and then you should always maintain social distancing. Until it's safe to meet in person again, we're offering FREE accounts so that people can communicate safely online. Stay safe and stay healthy!
        • Gary Wright II
          Current Status: I have greatly underestimated the level my pandemic supply of #chocolate! 😭
          • Gary Wright II
            Y'all: the whole damn world is a mess right now. 😭 It's gonna take ALL of us to fix it! If you pull a little to the left, or if you pull a little to the right - that's perfectly okay. But we better all start pulling in the same damn direction, or might none of us survive! 🌐☮️