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    • Gary Wright II
      "History's most incredible drag queens and kings" - I've had the honor of watching some of the most legendary performers in the South through the years. We need to celebrate it more, so here's an article about the history of...
      • Gary Wright II
        Banned Books - The majority of books being banned are #LGBTQ+, so I'm grateful for Them for compiling a list. My local #library in #Guntersville, #Alabama created a display of banned books....
        • Gary Wright II
          With 64% of their voters supporting it, Switzerland becomes the 30th country to recognize same-sex marriages. Human rights should never be decided by a referendum, but I'll take progress where/how I can get it! 🏳️‍🌈
          • Gary Wright II
            The Notorious RBG! Just imagine what world would be possible if we were to actually have diversity on our judicial benches... I honestly don't understand why unrigging the courts is not a much more urgent priority when EVERYTHING in life depends on...

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