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    • Gary Wright II

      Hey fellow #Musicians: the good folks at Steinberg have released a free version of their music notation software (Dorico SE). I haven't used the interface for composing yet, but I'm using it with MIDI and Cubase and it prints BEAUTIFUL sheet...More

      • Gary Wright II

        Blender 3D Bug Workaround - Opens in wrong display with Windows multiple displays

        This tricky Blender bug has existed for several years, so thankfully there is a fairly easy workaround to fix it.
        • Gary Wright II

          Cyberwar: I hope y'all updated ALL of your software in the past week. Have you made data backups?
          You should have AT LEAST three copies:
          1. Local Backup (a different hard drive)
          2. Local Secure (in a fire safe)
          3. Off-site Secure (in a secure...More



          • Gary Wright II

            Gary Wright II

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