Computer Graphics & Animation

Computer Graphics & Animation

2D and 3D computer graphics and animation with a focus on using free open-source software tools such as Blender and Krita.

Brief Description2D and 3D Computer Graphics and Animation
This group has been inactive for a while. The content may no longer be relevant.

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    • Gary Wright II
      The HUMAN realistic 3D portrait courses using Blender by Kent Trammel at CG Cookie are incredible!
      • Gary Wright II
        Animation School - This young man "Bad Normals" (LOL a 3d joke) from Estonia is amazing! He's using Geometry Nodes in Blender v3.0.0-alpha to create lightning effects.🤯 A much better way to do it!...
        • Gary Wright II
          Gary Wright II published a blog post Light Nodes in Blender
          With the Cycles render engine in Blender, you can use nodes with lighting.
          • Gary Wright II
            Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is open source software for live streaming and recording video.

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