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    • Gary Wright II

      Geek Food: Chrome v80 will start blocking mixed content (HTTPS mixed with HTTP requests). That may cause some problems if you don't update your websites or until 3rd parties update theirs. You should be forcing HTTPS on everything already, but...More

      • Gary Wright II

        My #FlatEarther Challenge #2: aka "The Final Challenge"

        Step #1: Go skydiving! As your dumb ass falls through the air, you'll notice the earth is ROUND. 🌐

        Step #2: If Step #1 didn't convince you, repeat Step #1 without a parachute, and instead...More

        • Gary Wright II

          My Challenge for #FlatEarthConspiracy Theorists: How do you explain Coriolis effect???🤔 Hint: that's the force of physics that determines which direction the water swirls when you flush your toilet.



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