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    • Gary Wright II

      My Metaphor for Misplaced Hate: Many people hate Goldenrod because they think it causes their allergies. But that pollen is too large and sticky to become easily airborne, so it's usually not the cause of most people's suffering. Think of all the...More...

      • Gary Wright II

        Tapping Out! Last week while I was playing with a 7 year old, the kid said a phrase that I am going to surely adopt. The kid said, "I am no longer willing to accept this challenge!" which reminded me to only focus my efforts and attention to where I...More...

        • Gary Wright II

          Quantum Physics - Neutrons and protons are made of three quarks each that are "ordinary" matter, but there are tetraquarks and pentaquarks that are "exotic" matter. The way they decay is special, so a new theory of physics is now...More...


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          A community to explore the beauty and culture of the Philippines.


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