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    • Gary Wright II

      Self-Care: Catastrophizing - It's the source of much of my anxiety. As an engineer, our minds are supposed to imagine every possible outcome and prepare for them. But in life, that's overwhelming and self-destructive. Please pay attention to mental...More

      • Gary Wright II

        Animation School - This young man "Bad Normals" (LOL a 3d joke) from Estonia is amazing! He's using Geometry Nodes in Blender v3.0.0-alpha to create lightning effects.🤯 A much better way to do it!...More

        • Gary Wright II

          Two phrases from two different mentors are stuck ringing in my head: "Enjoying the shade from trees I didn't plant" and "Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done." Just by awareness of those two thoughts, you can see the world through...More


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          A community to explore the beauty and culture of the Philippines.


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