The Rebuild: Jobs, jobs, jobs of the future!

I know it makes little sense to be redecorating while your house is on fire, but we simply can't wait on the US government to right itself before we create our own systems of survival. While we can't forget to fix the original failing systems, creating those secondary systems of survival for folks is my current focus.  Our first project is to create good, stable, and high-paying jobs for our most vulnerable - so I'm focusing first on the LGBT and immigrant communities. But, we're sharing everything we do - so our hope is other groups will emulate our work and spread into all the other communities that we won't have the resources to serve. 

Geeks are going to rule the world, and right now security folks can name their price. The best jobs are going to be technology related, but there are some tech jobs that can be done by people with little tech skills.  I'll be writing more about Virtual Greeters in a few months, but anyone with high-speed Internet and a VR headset can already get an awesome job working from home (or anywhere with Internet access) in a four hour work shift.  A "Virtual Greeter" is like the Wal-Mart Door Greeter, you virtually stand on the front page of a web site and greet customers and answer questions. These are AWESOME jobs for the physically disabled!

I've always been about sharing my code with the world, but the problem with open-source is that it is driven mostly by self-interest. This means the harder, less-interesting parts of code never get tackled. To fix this, we're creating a hybrid approach. The code is still open-source, but we let developers bid on those projects so they can actually get paid to do that boring but critical work. One person has made over $60K just doing a bunch of little jobs. If we get creative, the community can do what the failing government can't accomplish!

Here's a look at what this new economy looks like, and although High Fidelity is looking for mostly geeks - non-geeks should still check out their site and click on the project and team buttons. I have a feeling the majority of the best jobs are going to be found through sites and new economies like this one:

    Gary Wright II

    Gary Wright II

    Brindlee Mountain, AlabamaPresident & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC

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