America: The Rebuild

America: The Rebuild - I want everyone to please read this, because it will take EVERYONE to help solve it! I'll try to remain brief, and fill in more details over time.

My secret missions at #HoodArmy have been completed, and I'm going to start slowly releasing the details to the public. I will go into those later, but for now I can only say I wish I could take credit for everything we're getting blamed for! If you add up the time involved for my verified projects, you'll see it isn't evenly humanly possible to accomplish much of the stupid stuff I sometimes get accused of. LOL

Today, I am finally back to the working point where I was pre-election. We had organized secret groups all over the country who were already working to rebuild from the damage done from Trump and his followers just during the campaign. His winning the election forced us all further underground, and delayed that vital work six months and counting! Now that he has power, our secret groups can't accomplish much more without the support of the public. That's where y'all come in! The entire world NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Actor Michael K. Williams has a series on VICE called "Black Market" that examines the problems of society. One of the opening tag lines is: "When the system fails you.... you create your own system."

That simple statement explains all of the banes of mankind! Many, as I first did, mistook that as an excuse to create your own system. While that is necessary for survival - that is the explanation of the problem, and not the solution to the problem. Yes, we immediately have to create those systems for survival - but we must also work to fix the original systems that failed. There is a big difference in treating the symptoms, and curing the disease.

So, for now this is what I ask: everyone has unique talents and interests. PLEASE go out into your community and think about ways to use those talents to not only help improve the lives of those who have been forced to create their own systems of survival, but help us think of ways to fix those original failing systems. Check sites like MeetUp for like-minded people and activities. I'll be posting more info on this soon!

To my activists: all other work and discussions will be futile until we restore the right and integrity of the vote. THAT must be our starting point! THINK! FOCUS! ACT!!! ♥

    Gary Wright II

    Gary Wright II

    Brindlee Mountain, AlabamaPresident & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC

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