Stress & Addiction🧪

Stress & Addiction🧪

I was already studying the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis ("HPA axis") for another reason, but the connection is clear to me: Chronic stress (which we all have) + a deficient HPA axis = a biochemical recipe for both addiction and metabolic disorders!

In my experience, THC/CBD is the safest alternative (other than sleep) to compensate for that imbalance. Caffeine in controlled doses may help some patients, but the way it works is by fooling the body by blocking critical receptors. Our human bodies already evolved to have cannabinoid receptors which are fully satisfied by marijuana in its natural form.

Those receptors are partially satisfied when we move the double hydrogen bond to create either Δ8THC/Δ10THC. There is absolutely no scientific reason not to fully legalize and decriminalize marijuana in the natural form. #LegalizeIt
Here's some very closely related studies on HPA Axis and alcoholism:

    Gary Wright II
    Brindlee Mountain, AlabamaPresident & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC

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