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    • Gary Wright II

      Krita - Digital Painting Software

      Krita is a free and open source digital painting software. Perfect for concept art, texture painting, creating illustrations or comics. I love how well it integrates with my graphics tablet and pen. Very powerful and full-featured.

      Tags: 2D, painting, art, concept art, comics, illustrations, graphics, software, open source, texture

      • Gary Wright II

        CG Cookie

        CG Cookie teaches how to use Blender 3d, Unity, and sculpting. I recommend starting with their 2d basic art concept courses. They have the individual courses available, but they've organized the course into "learning flows" that track your progress.  The community checks your h...

        Tags: schools, tutorial, tuturials, CG, CGI, 3d, 2d, art, art lessons, Blender, blender3d, b3d, sculpt, sculptors, sculpting, school