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    • Gary Wright II

      Using AI to Automate Dialogue Animation of 3D Mesh Character Models

      I believe I've developed a process to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the dialogue animation of 3D mesh character models. Let me start with the vision: I want to... Record an audio track of character dialogue. Analyse the audio track using speech-to-text artificial intell...

      Tags: animation, blender, artificial intelligence, blender3d, python, software developer, engineering, AI, speech to text, 3D, computer graphics

      • Gary Wright II

        Blender 3d Animation Software

        Blender is a free and open source 3d animation software.  It is incredibly powerful, and a full featured to support your entire 2D or 3D animation workflow.

        Tags: Blender, b3d, blender3d, 2D, 3D, animation, software, open source

        • Gary Wright II

          Blender Nation

          Blender Nation has daily news about projects using Blender 3D software.

          Tags: blender, 3d, 2d, Blender3d, animation, computer graphics, software